Horrific pack dud

I just spent 800 coffee on a Horrific pack and got of field off. The info attached to the pack clearly states that you should get at least one new phobie, but all I got was upgrade cards. Has anyone else had this problem?

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It is only the first time that you buy each pack that you’re guaranteed a new phobie, after that it’s all random unfortunately.

More scratch cards if you want more phobies, so two terrific packs instead of one horrific.

Underneath the part about the first one you buy it says that on average in every pack you can expect one new phobie (all rarities combined). Since it was only the second one I’d bought I figured expecting there to be one was a pretty safe bet…guess not.:roll_eyes:

I just *spam the 2k tears pack, every few pulls i get e new phobie. RNG ig :man_shrugging: