New player: Bought the Horriffic offer, but got no new phobie

Been playing a couple of weeks. Just bought the £9.99 Horriffic offer (pack + xp/jacks for a week) but recieved no new rare phobie. This was the main reason I bought the pack.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Fusion!
Unfortunately, packs are not required to have a new phobie. In fact, the larger number of phobies you have, the more difficult it is to get a new one. This mechanic is greatly disliked and currently being fought against in the discord; but it has also become a sort of common acceptance.
You got a normal pack.

Thanks for the reply.
I thought what this was saying, was that a 1st time purchase of the pack was a guarantee of a new one?

Yes, your first purchase guarantees a new phobie. If that was your first purchase and you didn’t get anything, that’s a mistake and you probably need help from phobie-support