I spent 3300 tears to open 11 Packs

Hello guys, yesterday i opened 11 scary packs…

This is what i got…

I got 4 new phobies, ALL UNCOMMON PHOBIES…

What do you think guys? :slight_smile:

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Thats pretty good! Im currently collecting all the uncommons too.


I still collect the coffee to buy multiple expensive pack. haha

6k is good, i would spend it tho (because im impulsive)

why not buy dreadful, you could get a ur

Yes, i will spend it but i’m waiting the right time haha

I saved the coffee to make my chance higher.
I will buy it at christmas

Merry christmas! Where are the packs at?

Merry Christmass…

Tomorrow i will upload it.
I got sick because of Covid :frowning:

oh, get better soon :slight_smile: