You know what, ima start saving up for that dreadful pack

I promised myself after i got heavo i would start saving up for it, and now i will, thos terrifying and horrific packs will be as tempting as the snake from adam and eve with the apple, but i dont care, ME WANT MY FIRST ULTRA RARE PHOBIE (jar cannon doesnt count), and from my calculations(:nerd_face:) in the lippy quests, ads and the weekly rewards, it will take me about 6 weeks to get 2000 coffee (excluding the coffee won from the matches), WISH ME LUCK ON MY TEMPT FEST


Pov: “Im gonna collect coffee for a dreadful pack!”


POV: you get sockassin out of all the ultra rares
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damn back then it tooks me 2 months grinding for 1st dreadful, now is more easier with ad coffee and events

It took me abt 4 months

honestly i want sockassin, really good, cheap counter for dimensional phobies. So it requires them to pull out a heal or accept their fate :slight_smile:

I would just use creep, a lot more hp to tank and not counterable with murder wing and it has ranged poison

ig it is better, but i dont have enough 1 keys, im always stuck with that 1 key i cant use

Skill issue, i dont even have cowbell

Good luck Bro. God bless You…

I still save my coffee until 6000 and 30.000 water haha

First of all, this was over a month ago, i got my dreadful pack, and only got smother mother, very good
Secondly, why save up that much coffee and tears