Ideas for quests (Submit your own)

As I said in a previous post, I really like quests because they force you to use Phobies you would have not used before and try new strategies.

With that said, there are some quests are borderline impossible. They are reworking the quests currently so I was thinking this could be an opportunity to make some suggestions for quests. Do you have any ideas on some interesting quest objectives? Here are a few of mine:

(Disclaimer, I have not seen all the objectives so some of these might already exist)

  • Not-so-human Shield: ________ take 3,000 damage (for recovering Phobies and/or zombies)
  • Gotcha: Kill 2 Phobies or hurt 3 Phobies with one bomb Phobie.
  • Have a nice trip: Pull or push a Phobie off a cliff.
  • Teamwork: Kill 3 Phobies while under a power boost influence (Monkey, Jack/Jill or Raindeer)
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Oh yes, I love this post! We would love to know what everyone thinks about this :slight_smile:

Down Unda - Use at least 1 Phobie with burrow in 3 matches.

No Fly Zone - Don’t use any Phobies that can fly in 3 matches.

Panic Attack - Capture and control 3 or more panic points in a single match for 2 rounds.

Extra Crispy - Kill 10 Phobies with electric type Phobies.

I Can’t Even - Use only odd key cost Phobies.

Oddly Enough - Use only even key cost Phobies.

Playa Hata - Win 1 match against a frienemy.

Taste Like Chicken - Deploy at least 3 Undead Phobies in a single match.

Out Of This World - Deploy at least 3 Dimensional Phobies in a single match.

Artificial Intelligents - Deploy at least 3 Machanical Phobies in a single match.

Aaahhh Real Monsters! - Deploy at least 3 Monster Phobies in a single match.

Bully - Deal X amount of damage to Phobies with 3 or less key cost.

Giant Slayer - Kill X amount of Phobies with 7 or higher key cost.

These are indeed amazing ideas…