If you could add something into the game, what would it be?

I would add in a feature where you can play 2 against 2… and start duo battles with your friends, as well as emotes or something, to express yourself while playing


Monster of the dark that has the ability to obscure the arena by not showing the monsters at the end of it and bloody mary which has the ability to become invisible every 4 turns only 3 times in the course of the game.

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If I could add something to this game I could add these two things:

  1. Lucky spin(you can first time spin it for free and there you need to buy it with 2000 tears)
    You can get 1000, 3000 or 100 tears, 1000 xp, phobies card upgrades or a new phobie.
  2. I could will add the one phobie that you can choose to be the King(Lord of every phobie you have), when you choose that phobie will increase his health and attack, and also he get a special ability to boost up your phobies.

The King idea is pretty good. I guess it would be another battle mode, different from async and arena: some kind of chess play where you have to protect the phobie you chose as King (which would be boosted to have extra health and power up depending on the phobie type you chose:

  • Monster: All phobies heal at the start of your turn (7% for zombies and 10% for the rest)
  • Mechanical: All phobies are unaffected (or reduce the damage by 85%) by tiles set on fire and/or traps and/or cannot be frozen
  • Dimensional: All phobies deal extra damage and extend their movement reach by one tile
  • Undead: All phobies leave behind a corpse from which it can revive at 10% health.
    Or something like that…

Finnaly someone understand me. I wanna say that. I think this game needs a chess mode.

  • Emotes for arena games (limited to a set amount every turn) would be cool.
  • Tournament Mode with bans (would easily be my most wanted feature) - Even a normal ranked ladder like the one we have now would be better with bans IMO.
  • Cosmetics for phobies (not color changes obviously since that would make it hard to differentiate between some units, but things like adding small hats to the phobies would be fun).
  • Better quest system (the current one feels kind of awful tbh)

Hello, Why dont put some Emote in the game during playing ? It Would be Fun !!!