I'm able to see my opponent Jar Cannon Arrows

not sure if this is a game feature

opponent Jar Cannon on top left

I’m very sure that I’m not suppose to be able to see this? not really that game breaking but it’s just visual i can’t move it or do anything with it, i thought it somehow glitched and made that jar cannon into mine but no

IGN: badgerbees
Platform: Android

Hi Badger

Actually that is not a bug. You can look at all the opponent’s phobie to see what they can do. You can see the card as well if you tap on the jar cannon in the selection panel at the bottom.

It isn’t in the tutorial and maybe should be. It allows you to see an opponent’s unit that you might not have seen before and get an idea of what it can do.

Thanks for reporting.this.


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Hey @Boss I think they were pointing out that they can see the number of moves of the enemy jar. Looks like just a visual glitch?

They mean this :


NVM, i just realized that this post is really old.

Staff should close fixed issues so people don’t reply to old posts :b

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