Im in a deadlock!

when i enter my async game it replays my part then i cant do anything after that. Please help. i was able to get in contact with my opponenet and they said its happening for them too

Hey @jjdsjaodjj Sorry to hear about this issue
in order to assist you please email the following to

  • What is your Phobies IGN (in-game name):
  • What device do you play on?:
  • What OS are you using? (e.g Windows 10, IOS 12, Android 10, etc):
  • Any screenshots/videos/clips of the error?:
  • Do you continue to experience any trouble?:
  • we’ll also need your game log, here’s a tutorial on how to find it

Once you have a copy of your logs saved, could you also try the following:

  • Clear your games cache
  • Uninstall/Reinstall the game
  • Make sure your device, game, are all updated to the most recent update

Hey there! I’m following up to see if you are still experiencing trouble?
Was the match started before the maintenance or after?

AfterIt started after