Events, seasson pass, arena mode with the same lvl for all

So, the game needs future events, where temporary custom maps, event rewards are made available. It would also be interesting to have a battle pass with better rewards with each level. Finally, a mode is needed in which players play with phobias at the same level, either by leveling the levels in the arena or by creating another mode. it would also be nice to have an in-game chat and send taunts to the opponent during matches

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Very interesting suggestions. The devs are also talking about designing a mode where all Phobies are level 1. Anyway, I am currently compiling feedback and suggestions now, so I might come back here to get more details regarding some of your suggestions here. :slight_smile:

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Have you thought about making a 2vs2 game mode? on a large map to make the battles much more interesting

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It’s definitely been mentioned but we’ll bring it up during our next meeting!

I’ve been playing MMOs, gachas and the like for a long time, and from what I understand, there are complications with implementing a level 1 only mode when players have already invested time and/or money in the leveling system.

Simply put, one of the more obvious issues is that if the level 1 mode is too popular, it would kill the true level mode, and render players’ previous investments useless, which would result in community backlash. Care must be taken to implement level 1 mode with separate reward incentives to avoid interference.

At the same time, implementing a no-rewards level 1 mode, while a nice feature, may still not help scratch that itch players have. Many players want to both play in a competitively balanced environment AND be rewarded when they win in it.

My suggestions for the developers:

  1. Level 1 mode, ranked ladder, with separate rewards that are an addition to current rewards. Care must be taken not to add too much daily/weekly grind however to avoid player burnout (Since there is already a decent amount of grind)
  2. A weekly/monthly/etc. level 1 only tournament with rewards. Can alternate or run parallel with actual level tournaments.
  3. Level 1 only casual (non-ranked) mode against random players.
  4. Having exclusive rewards that can only be attained in their respective battle modes can add incentive for players to get involved in both, or at least give it a try to see if they find it fun.
  5. Quest system can be revamped to “Play X arena battles/Async battles/Level 1 Async battles/etc”. This solves the current issue with the quests because the current one forces you to make certain plays which might lose you a game. These types of quest are doable without interfering with battles.
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