Events, seasson pass, arena mode with the same lvl for all

So, the game needs future events, where temporary custom maps, event rewards are made available. It would also be interesting to have a battle pass with better rewards with each level. Finally, a mode is needed in which players play with phobias at the same level, either by leveling the levels in the arena or by creating another mode. it would also be nice to have an in-game chat and send taunts to the opponent during matches

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Very interesting suggestions. The devs are also talking about designing a mode where all Phobies are level 1. Anyway, I am currently compiling feedback and suggestions now, so I might come back here to get more details regarding some of your suggestions here. :slight_smile:

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Have you thought about making a 2vs2 game mode? on a large map to make the battles much more interesting

It’s definitely been mentioned but we’ll bring it up during our next meeting!