Jack Boxes can't be claimed

The 2nd set of Jack boxes is still available for me due to the x2 bonus that I purchased. However, the rewards do not progress even though I earn exp and play multiple async and arena games. I just want to point this out.

PS: The bonus duration already ended. What I’m trying to explain is that even though the x2 reward already ended, I was hoping to still finish it for as long as the day hasn’t reset. If that’s the case, then just fix the bug of the Jack boxes being available to claim even though you cannot.

I hope this can be addressed.

Attached below is a picture of the issue:

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Hi Danlandan.

We will look into it and might reach out through private message for more info



I would like to report the same issue as well. Playing on my iPad Pro iOS 17.7.1.

Reset the app, reset my ipad, deleted and re-downloded the app - all does not work.

Hey there! When did you purchase the x2 Bonus? And when did you notice this bug?

Hello, I purchased it 2 days ago on 17 March, as part of the introductory special offer (2 day daily double).

Rightfully, this should entitle me to open the jack boxes a total of 4 times (2+2). But I only managed to open the first 3 times (2+1). So I noticed this bug yesterday on 18 March after I completed my 3rd jack boxes opening.

Unfortunately, the timer has already reset and I could not claim the 4th jack boxes opening in time :frowning:

Okay, just to be clear, you were able to open the Jack boxes 3x but after opening the 3rd box there was no option for you to do claim the 4th box, and you were trying to open the 4th jack box before the timer was up?

Yes that’s correct. Is it the same issue?

Hey Nevergoodbye. Yes, it’s the same issue. I just wanted to make sure I got all the correct information so I can explain it better to our QA team. I shall escalate this concern to our team to further look into. Thanks for reporting this to us. :slight_smile: