Odds of jacks?

Hi ! Did someone know the odd of what appears in jack box, and the odd of appareance of jack of different rarities ? I didn’t know if double day reward is better than the dreadfull pack. The dreadfull pack give you 53000 xp 377 ameliorations cards (include 36 rares and 25 ultra rares at least) and 4 mystery cards, with aproximatively 2 new phobies per pack on average. That’s a lot. For the same price, double day reward give you 84560 xp (depend of the multiplicator i guess), 16000 tears and 144 jack box, with guaranteed 16 diamond jack. The xp is way better, 16000 tears represent 5 scary pack + 1 uneasy pack (210 upgraded card 25000 xp and 6 mystery card, but with odds way inferior than the dreadfull pack). So I just miss he jacks odd, anyone know ?