Update for the game

I beg you to increase the chance rate in the boosters because I bought some boosters for 20 dollars I had no new cards… and it’s much too hard and long to get new cards…
I have juste 32 cards of phobies and i open a lot of boosters and spend like 100 dollars in the game…
I beg you …
I love this game !

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unfortunately you are the exact type of player these games thrive off of

1 or 2 small purchases. get bored and move on.

they have no interest in making the game welcoming or free friendly. as long as a there is a steady stream of new players who come in. drop a fiver or $20 not knowing any better.

there first update addressed NOTHING about obtaining better phobies for free or low paying users.
im very glad i uninstalled, their priorities are trash.

If you uninstalled why are you here lol

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because its literally less then a week since i uninstalled

and i can check in and see if there are any significant changes to the game, and reinstall if i wanted.

i have very little hope though since they made their priorities very clear.

why do you care what i do with my time?