Lippy's Quest

Just asking, does anyone have problems with Lippy’s Quest not working? (Unable to trigger the Start 4 games within XXX hours)

I personally never had it. Can you explain a little bit?

This could be one of the quests that has some issues. But can you please provide more details?

And if you think this is a quest that needs to be reworked, kindly post it here.

Hey Lazy!

Reaching out to see if you are still experiencing trouble with starting matches / tracking for Lippy’s Quest.

If you are, could you email the following information:

  • What is your Phobies In-Game Name?
  • What device model are you playing the game on?
  • What Operating System and version are you using?
  • Please describe the issue and what you’re experiencing step by step.
  • Please send evidence by attaching a screenshot or a valid video/image link.

We may also need your logs so we can look further into this issue:
To collect your logs, you can visit this forum link here and scroll down to the device you use to play Phobies.
Follow the instructions on how to collect them and attach them to your next email response:

Somehow the quest activated again today. Thanks for the supporting. Much appreciated.

You are very welcome! Happy to hear that it activated back up!
I’ll close this thread for now but if you experience trouble, please don’t hesitate to create a new one and we will investigate!