Lippy's tower

This would be a new place for players in strangers or higher to play in a tower with 9 stages where lippy fights you. The stages would get harder the higher you go. The rewards would be better then the challenges with each stage giving you a new phobia and rarely card packs the higher the better.


I had a similar idea. They should do some sort of waves, levels, exhibition, no capture point mode etc etc. feel like we just got to wait on the potential of the game at this point. Lot of good ideas that could be implemented. And then just take it from there

many here want a pve mode

Thanks for submitting your suggestion/s ! We love knowing our playerbase’s recommendations in improving the game, but do note that not all suggestions could make it into the game as it depends on how feasible it is to include in the game, and if the team thinks your suggestion is good it could potentially take a while to see it in the game.

Anyway, I have added your suggestion/s in my monthly Community Suggestions report! :slight_smile: