Look at this sausage lookin fella (new phobie spoiler)

This might be one of the weirdest new phobies ive ever seen
Anyways ima let yall guess between the 3 races he is (because undeads dont heal) and what he does because i cant think of anything for sausage boy

I’d say that’s an AVARAGE phobia

Id say hes a weird fella cuz in a world with mummies, werewolves and demons, theres an evil sausage with a fork in it

There are also unicorn and cupcakes so he’s pretty “normal”

Yeah but by the looks of it, besides uni corn, hes the only food item that will actually attack

I just realized that

Wait, where did you get this image?

Miss cha, from a youtube short

Evil Sausage with white fork in its body.

Maybe dimensional Phobie

naaah…idk…im assuming a monster or undead (bec its a living sausage even though it got stabbed)

… its on a healing spa… and its healing… and undeads cant heal on healing spas

ok then…how about monster? It would totally make sense that its a food phobie, just like Ginsting!

isn’t he a bee hive?

  1. it aint bee hive, it looks like a sausage about to be in the bbq (or r u talking about Hercules?)
  2. too much beehive phobies (Ginsting, hematic ginsting, hercules(upcoming))

You said “just like ginsting” while talking about food phobies

… but… bees… i think most people would think ginsting is a beehive