Part 3 of making this dudes phobie recommendations because he doesnt want to draw and ive got nothing better to do: Hornucopia

Note: expect them to be overpowered, according to him, since these “seasonal” phobies (which the pink outline will be indicating), are only available for a certain amount of time and everyone has them

Oink oink, oink, OINK OINK
He wanted BEEG boar with horns resembling cornucopias, which was honestly the hardest part of designing this, and this is the best i can do, also he has thanksgiving food on his back
Keys: 5
Race: monster
Hp: 1600
Atk: 200
Movement: 1 walking
Atk range: 1, self cantered AOE
Passive ability: endless feast
At the end of every turn he heals adjacent phobies, but it does not cure them of poison
range: 1
Heal: 150
Active ability: thanksgiving blessing
Heals a phobie and increases its damage, this one does cure poison
Range: 2 single target
Heal: 600
Dmg increase: 300

(@Yarrr 's idea)

Easter bunny: approximately 2-3 business days (the hell you mean business youre 13-)