Match suddenly ended with no end screen or rewards

Hi, I was playing a relatively long match against a player named Dearh in the afternoon and suddenly upon reaching the his final turn (right before he loses), my game showed me that my opponent was reconnecting. I assumed that he left the game and waited it out for the victory page. Suddenly, the game showed me that a desync error has been detected and the game just closed and opened back to the main menu.
I entered the game history and there was no trace of the game, nor did I get any reward, exp or count for the game.
This is the first time it happened and I cannot help but feel like the player Dearh somehow deployed DDOS as a last ditch attempt. There is also no trace of the game on his page. Please help me understand what is going on, and how to report/get my win back. Thanks

Hi chu, can I get an update on why this happens? Thanks

Hey there!

We absolutely can have our team look into this. Has it happened multiple times since?

Hi chu, thanks for replying. No this doesn’t happen frequently, only with certain players. And even then, they can turn it on and off whenever they please. Usually when they are losing, and they know that doing it often gets them caught.
The system doesn’t have a way of fishing them out but once they deploy it, there will no trace of the game in the system. No rewards or xp.

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I’ve brought this up to the team and if it does happen, we can collect your log file and match information and investigate this issue for you!
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Ok but how do I retrieve the log files when the match just abruptly ends and goes to the main game page? It’s too sudden. Thanks again

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Hi Chu, the same thing happened again… This is getting ridiculous. Can you guys do anything about it? I was at my final turn with my opponent and the game showed the opponent reconnecting. The game would have ended at the end of his turn when suddenly this appeared and the game was thrown back to the main menu, with no records of the game/rewards/xp. This is a huge waste of time and I’m losing faith about whether or not anything can be done. I have a screenshot of the final message.

Here is the player I was matched with