Multiple text glitches and lag spikes

For a while now, Phobies has been almost unplayable. Everytime I launch the game, the text dissappears with a lag spike. Every time I take a turn, the text dissappears with a lag spike. You get it.
I have no idea why this happens, because the game used to run completely fine and glitch less!
Does anyone know how this could be fixed?
I use an A04 android phone.

Definitely quite strange for sure! Does this happen on other devices?

Could you please email with the following information:

Account Name:
Device & Version/OS:
These screenshots + your log files:
How to REPORT A BUG - BUG REPORT / REPORT A BUG - Phobies Official Forums

That guide will explain how to obtain and attach your log files with the report!
We will need them for our team to look into.

Thanks for the help! This glitch has really worsened my phobies experience, and I am really happy to be getting it looked onto!

It’s no trouble at all! We’re happy to help!

Once you send all the info, I can send it to our QA team to look into!

I’d also try seeing if this happens on any other devices/platforms or if it’s just this one specific device, too. :slight_smile: That way we can see if it’s device specific or an issue that could be hindering others as well.