My 2 payment doesn't work

Hello i’m grom Poland and im buy 3 times coffe but one 70 is work but one 70 coffe domy work and 800 domy work i work jard on bakery to support this gamę but payment doesn’t work

Hello, you can open a ticket on phobies official discord server. If you’re not yet there, here’s the server invite code: phobiesgame (I can’t post link: https ://discord . com/invite/ phobiesgame)

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with payments.
If you’ve made multiple within a short amount of time, I’d definitely see if there are any pending payments as sometimes the bank or whichever method you’re using to make the payment with may flag it as suspicious.

As cha mentioned, we’d be happy to invite you over to and assist you at #request-support

This will create a ticket!