Payment problems

I’m already purchased the starter pack from the shop however it didn’t give me anything, please help me for this. I’m really want to support this game, it’s such a great game! :melting_face:
Yours sincerely,

Hello @Ccanselm! Thank you for reporting this bug. Could you please provide your username to help us efficiently pinpoint the bug?

My username is frogbaby, Thanks for helping me.

Hello @Ccanselm ! Our team was able to identify the bug causing this issue and they’re working on the fix right now, which should be released really soon. However, during this time you will still not be able to use this functionality until the actual fix is out, therefore, to compensate, we’ll be sending you coffee beans that you can use. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for patience!

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