My 3rd new phobie

Before I show my phobie, I just want you to know that I’m new to phobies so this phobie concept might exist already so please tell me if that’s the case. Also tell me wether it is overpowered or underpowered.

Here is Chemist

Chemist is one of the more educated phobies, he passed robot school with flying colours and got a degree in potion making. “Nothing is better than killing other phobies with my concoctions” he says, with his robotic voice.

His stats at level 1:
1800 health
1 ground movement
2 lob attack range
390 attack damage
Costs 6 keys
Common rarity

His abilities:
The Chemist has the ability potions, which grants him 3 different abilities, each a different type of potion. The first one is the red potion, it has 2 lob attack range and 390 AOE attack damage. The second one is the green potion, 2 lob attack range, 0 attack damage and poisons phobies for 500 damage for 3 turns. The third one is the pink potion, 2 lob heal range, heals a phobie for 500 health and 0 attack damage. You can only use 1 potion every 2 turns.

I will probably make more of these new phobies as time goes on.

Hopefully you liked it and please give me as much feedback as possible :smile:


the concept is just very nice !

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I really like this idea. Would be interested in seeing how it’s ability could be played out. I also like that you have this as common, making more accessible so that it can be a standard new dynamic to the game.

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I was just wondering, what stress level are you in game? I’m stress level 20 :smiley:

I was just wondering, what stress level are you in game? I’m stress level 20 :smiley:

I just got stress level 36 today. In Doomsday 2 for async

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Nice I’m horrors 3 in async

I am 25, and you just unlock clinico ! its a amazing phobie !

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