Dreadful pack don’t give at least 2 new phonies

Hi can I know if you have chances to get zero new phonies for dreadful pack?

My last 2k coffee dreadful pack receive non new phonies .

its only for the first, or if u got too much, it wont give any at all

It says on average across rarities, that means theres always the chance you wont get any, especially if you already have all the commons or uncommons. Ive had plenty of dreadfuls with no phobies in at all, it becomes more likely the more phobies you have.

I had the same issue, it was my first pack, i dont even had 24 phobies at that moment and i only unlocked one ultra rare card, Chuck.

Unfortunately first dreadful only guarantees a UR it doesnt guarantee anything else.
Still, chuck is a very solid build around unit and a pretty good find.

The last few times I have opened dreadful packs, my experiences with them have been indeed dreadful! Haven’t gotten a single new phobie the past 5 dreadful packs. I know it’s a first time opening thing that guarantees a new phobie, but I mean, the dreadful pack boasts on its awesomeness, and it is very expensive, so I would expect it to deliver!