My gamemode ideas

  1. 1vs1 you choose one of your Phobies and your opponent chooses one of their Phobies and its basically a regular game of Phobies but every turn a phobie soul spawns when you collect it the game randomly choose one of your Phobies and this repeats until the game is won. 2. Capture the flag the map is 20x20 tiles and you make your Phobies run to the other base and grab the flag then return with it regular Phobies rules. 3. 2v2 you and a friend team up against another team of two and play Phobies but double everything but hearts. 4. Team raids now i think one sounds pretty cool you gather your team each player picks five of their Phobies its a 4player game so 20 Phobies Total and you have to team up to take down one huge phobie and on your turn some tiles will light up red those indicate the bosses attack thats all. If you think of any flaws just tell me i would love to hear them and fix them.