My honest opinion on each phobie 1/9: 1 key

I’ll be rating them on my opinion from1-10 and pros and cons

Razor mouth: it’s the very first stress phobie you get, but it’s not that good but it is decent for capturing panic points and sometimes giving protection for strong but weak phobies
Rating: 4/10
Pros: the first phobie you get, good for panic points and protection.
Cons: weak health and damage

AWOL: has less health then damage, but has the most damage out of the 1 keys (excluding BOOM)
Rating: 3/10
Pros: heavy hitter and decent movement.
Cons: laughable health and easily takin down.

Eletricat: is somehow worse then razor mouth, it is only good for an early electric damage phobie if the opponent plays tons of mechanical.
Rating: 2/10
Pros: electric damage
Cons: weak

Muffintop: a very mixed feeling for this one, it’s good for healing a phobie instantly, but at the same time you’re wasting a key
Rating: 1-5/10 (depends on situation)
Pros: decent health healing for a cheap phobie
Cons: sacrificing self and weak health.

Tickles: unless you despise traps and the opponent is playing a lot of trap phobies there good for that, otherwise isn’t that good
Rating: 7/10 if traps are played, 1/10 for none
Pros: rids traps
Cons: basically useless if traps aren’t played.

Henrietta: decent poison damaging phobie but is heavily outclassed.
Pros: decent poison
Cons: very weak

Blue: one of if not THE worst damage debuffer, it kills it self to debuff an enemy, opponents can just ignore it easily.
Pros: is ignored most the time
Cons: its basically useless

Sockassin: Henrietta on steroids basically.
Pros: good poison and damage
Cons: it’s an ultra rare = harder to get.

BOOM: although being one of my favorite phobies it gets outclassed by many AOE phobies
Rating: 4/10
Pros: good damage when exploding, AOE.
Cons: one hit and it’s dead and hard to prepare.

Cowbell: a decent starter tanky one key
Rating: 5/10
Pros: good health and decent damage.
Cons: tends to get one hit by electric damage.

Slayerrrrrr: very good health for a one key but is incredibly slow.
Rating: 4/10
Pros: very good health for a one key.
Cons: very slow

Numbskull: a decent undead phobie with an AOE attack.
Rating: 6/10
Pros: good AOE = heavy healing.
Cons: slow

Ted & Jill: both have resurrection ability, Ted has good health and Jill has good damage, together they can hit even harder.
Rating: Ted: 5/10 without Jill, 7/10 with Jill. Jill: 4/10 without Ted, 8/10 with Ted.
Pros: Ted is a decent tank and Jill is a good hitter, plus resurrection ability.
Cons: trash when separate.

Contortio: worst undead in my opinion, it’s low health to the point of the leech doesn’t even help at times.
Pros: it’s undead (I like undead phobies)
Cons: weak health.

Batula: a weak dimensional that’s good for baiting opponents and the dimensional damage bonus when dying.
Rating: 5/10
Pros: bait for opponents and dimensional buff.
Cons: laughably weak

Boomer: a good panic point taking phobie with stasis that can help keep panic points for a longer time period.
Rating: 5/10
Pros: good for baiting opponents and keeping panic points.
Cons: doesn’t attack

Highest rated: Jill with Ted

Lowest rated: blue and contortio

Favorite 1 key(s): Ted and Jill and BOOM

In my opinion all the 1 keys serve the same purpose a lot of the time, for panic points, but my main uses for them are:

Electricat can trade with jar and threaten in oculus.

Both Sockassin and Henrietta are both very good at stopping snowball/murderwing from just doing whatever they want right away.

Boomer is great at blocking a phobie from taking damage, for example they snowball mid first turn, you can snowball them back, and put a boomer in front of your snowball. It still has enough HP to take that panic point or a different one without being in jar death range. Plus dimensional makes it so you have to sacrifice something to kill it if your opponent does it right. It takes a lot of effort to kill it as well. You can ignore it pretty easily, but if you do that it’s going to take panic points and make a good block eventually. But to kill it is a big investment during a turn from full health for a 1 key and can further save the phobies you have just because if they stay there, they won’t win the trades against your turrets by devoting too much to boomer.

Batula is great. Like other phobies it’s a throw away, but it pulls people into bad spots and does chip damage, making it hard sometimes to kill without getting punished if you can’t poison it. A lot of times the little damage it deals on death can make things like in oculus unable to safely snipe it.

AWOL can surprise people with his damage when they get too close to your key hole. He’s a once in a while anti zerg tool.

Tickles is a great wall and obviously a solid option when unicorn is around, which is a lot.

Blue is pretty good in the current AOE meta. Ginstings, klepto, boss Heavo 2.0 and 3.0 are all incredibly popular. Takes a bit of work to make work, but shutting down something for 2 turns is huge when next turn is an important teamfight.

Numbskull is one of 2 of the tankiest one keys. It’s actually won me games with it’s aoe even around 3300 rank. Sometimes people zerg too hard and they can’t find an answer for it that if time efficient.

Muffintop is obviously extremely good. It saves important phobies and prevents you from getting blown out by creep or noxious.

Jak and Jill are ok and crush it together for 1 keys, but my biggest problem with them is that they are 2 phobies. At the end of the day they are slow moving and weak. I’ve found myself in a lot of situations where I wish they weren’t 2 of my 5 phobies. As the game progresses I don’t need slow 1 keys and in the beginning I need some speed. When they work however, they work. They aren’t very good at taking panic points or really helping being offensive. On even small maps let alone big ones.

Razormouth does decent enough damage to threaten things. Better than Contortio when there are healing pools

Contortio is similar to razormouth in that it can threaten a panic points and prevent another 1 key from taking it. It’s better without healing pools, and maybe all around than razormouth, because a phobie can’t take a panic point that it’s next to and get any meaningful chip damage on it because it’s undead. Suffers more than razormouth in a game with creep and noxious by far, so a huge con.

Boom is amazing. If you’re pressuring mid on a small map and position him well, sometimes your opponents will be forced to suck away and give up mid or lose multiple phobies.

Slayerrrrr I don’t really like. Kind of too slow for a 1 key for me and it really doesn’t suit the phobies I use. I want people to use as little electric as possible and then I try and close with a machine.

Cowbell is a mixed bag. I like him on poison, disease maps, but outside of that he really isn’t that tanky, I don’t want to make my opponent play electric, and at times he can’t help kill something because of his low damage like razormouth and Contortio can.


Imo best 1 key would be muffin followed by tickles and boomer. Muffin is good for most cheap quick instant healing, sacrificing itself not always a downside because you don’t obligated to keep weak 1 key for the rest of game which also taking your phobies slot cap (5 for small map, 7 for big). Boomer and tickles are mainly because their hp, they can survive most of 2x attack of any phobies

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All Dimensional 1-keys are absurdly good in my opinion.

1-keys exist to cap Panic Points, so having free chip damage and pull is extremely valuable.

Plus, the only real counter to them is Creep, Henrietta, and Sockassin as they are the only viable cheap poison sources imo.