My new acc code isn't working

My recovery code I made for my new acc is showing invalid and it hasn’t even been 5 mins I just wanted to have alt acc T_T

I have the code ss but idk if it’s a good idea to show in public-

Better don’t share your account code lol

It’s expired now so yeee my acc name is “eASSin” can I get a new code before the started pack disappear I had Rambo kinda liked him alot

Hey Apol!

Could you submit an email to with the following information:

  • In-Game Name
  • Account Creation Date (when did you create your account, please include your time zone)
  • Date last accessed account (when was the last time you were able to log in?)
  • Device used to play the game
  • Last Phobie Acquired
  • Frenemy’s IGN (Any of your Frenemy’s Usernames, if you have any, or just mention type “None” if you don’t have any Frenemy in the game)
  • How did you lose your account?
  • And any of the following as additional proof that the account is yours:
    • Last transaction (date and time in UTC or your time zone)
    • Receipt or any proof of purchase

These will help us verify your account.
You’re unable to generate a new code, correct?

Hey there!
If you reached out to our email earlier, you should have a recovery code that’s been sent!
Please use it within three days time!

Let us know if you have any trouble!

It worked thank you so much qwq

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You are very welcome! Cheers!