Never opening Terrifying packs again

So this week i opened THREE terrifying packs.
In the 1st pack i got medicbot and thunder rocks uprade cards (no new phobie)
In the 2nd pack i go minotaur and medicbot upgrade cards (no new phobie)
And for the 3rd, i got gargles and MEDICBOT upgrade cards (no new phobie)

I swear on lippy himself I’m never buying terrifying packs

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Wow I feel u bro. I’ve been playing this Game since 2 month after it came out and so far I only got 1 ultra rare other than jar canon Who is edgar allen

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Eyyyyyy, unlucky gang

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Well, i grinded enough for an dreadful pack, and got furnaceface as an ultra rare

Exactly bruh, like im finna just buy coffee at dis point

Well im unlicky more for my scary packs… too many opened… too little found… except ma newest boi ROCKUS

Hey at least it’s not six in a row : 3

Chat, is this a coincidence?


Bad picture but you can see him
Im a psychic boy


The hell happened?

(Ooga booga 20 characters)

I clicked a teeny bit too fast on the screen