New area tiles(not just lava?)

I suggest players need more challenging tiles such as ice, water, speed boost tile, etc”


Interesting suggestion.

Hey there!

New tiles would make for some fun gameplay. We can definitely share this with our team for consideration. :slight_smile:

nice, it would create more challenging and tactical gameplay :slight_smile:

Teleporter : If a phobies is on a teleporter, if the others is free, for one actions, the phobies can go to the others.


yep it could be anything, buff, debuff, etc; just like lava and stim pad basically

Hi, i really like your suggestions! I was also thinking about some moving obstacles/walls that cant be destroyed but you can pull or push it to change the map structure. What do you think about it?

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i think for changing walls is a bit too much (no hard feeling), coz you need to think about the time limit for each round; its gonna make the game much much harder for several people, and they gonna stop playing after several match ;(

but for undistructable wall is intersting tho!!!

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Ice tiles are really creative! Like they you slide on them depending on your position, that would be cool