New map tile ideas

Discuss ideas you have for new map tile and talk about how they may affect gameplay.

I came up with this for the map contest:

fox tiles (or monster tiles):
This tile at the end of each round does 3 things in this order: First, the fox tile moves one tile closer to the closest monster. If there is a tie, it will choose the monster with the slowest movement speed. The fox tile cannot move to any tile with another non-blank tile or a tile with an obstacle. Second, the fox tile will pull any adjacent monster onto it. If there is multiple adjacent monsters, it chooses the monster with lowest movement speed. Why not just make the fox tile move a second time? Well, this pulling mechanism prevents players from using non-blank tiles as safe spots from the fox tile and also matches the theme too. Third and last, the fox tile deals 300 damage to whatever unlucky monster ends up on top of it. 300 damage may not seem like much, but considering that monsters only move every other turn that 300 damage can change to 600 before you can even do anything. The fox tile is able to keep up with slower units, so it is safe to say that the fox tile heavily encourages faster monsters.

I like this tile idea and think it would be good on a map where the tile can go to both sides of that and start at the center making it hard to start with a fast monster

Yep, I think it would also change the way players fight each other. Maybe, they could sacrifice a faster monster to move the fox tile into enemy territory.

Acid Spa

The Healing Spa heals you and cures your poison. So, the Acid Spa does the opposite. It will damage the phobie that stays on it. But you will say “There’s something exactly like that, called lava!”. But that’s not all. The Acid Spa will also give you poison, which is so toxic that it will never naturally get cured. But what separates it from a disease is you can cure it by a healing phobie (Muffintop, Clinico, Dr. Dermic etc.) or a Healing Spa.
Damage: 200
Poison damage: 100
Poison time: infinite

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Image that in a map with no healing spas, then sprinkle them around everywhere. Oh, the chaos would be glorious.

I was thinking of a tile that would poison phobies

But don’t forget that it won’t work if your phobie isn’t standing there at the end of the turn, and the poison is curable. But still, if you and your opponent don’t have any healing phobies and the Acid Spa’s are inevitable… CHAOSSSS!!!

I threw together a concept map:

Yes, closing off most of the healing spas with obstacles was intentional. :rofl: Better not let your grave digger die.

Or Mount Crushmore, he also has the Terrorform ability. Plus, since he is a dimensional, he will take more damage from poison, making him even harder to keep alive.

Btw where did you draw this? I also have a map idea but I need a program to draw with geometrical shapes properly.

I use gimp. I used the template from the map contest and then used gimp’s bucket tool. the dots were done with the pencil tool. Which can make shapes like stars and circles when you change the brush.

Wait there was a map competition? Why didn’t I ever hear about it?

it’s on this forum.
It ends tomorrow in the morning.

Yeah I’d love to see some new tiles. Some of the ones I have thought about:

  • Stonger panic points, dealing more than the average panic point, makes it more impactful to fight over

  • Slowing tiles, this could be mud/cliffs etc, but something that makes 2-3 movement phobies that dont fly have to spend a movement to go through it, making 1 move, burrowing and flying phobies feel more impactful in more scenarios without it being lava or an abyss tile

  • Health kits/bombs, one time use map tiles that instantly have an effect for whoever gets there first, like healing more than a healing spa (600 or so) but you cant get it again, or similarly doing damage to the heart. Means you have to use them tactically other than chucking a unit on there for good

  • Having things under obstacles, could be anything currently existing, but mainly gives more of a reason to bring grave digger/crushmore on maps that you’d usually not want to use them on

  • Cactus obstacles (or anything like that) something that does minor damage if you end your turn near it, kind of like a lava tile, if it did less damage, was AOE and could be removed by digger/crushmore or damaged enough. Again, like above, giving more weight to the two phobies and also making clustering phobies or hiding behind an obstacle with a lobber more risky

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These map tile ideas really promote thinking about what phobies you want to summon

Movement boosting tile for when you step off of it next round.

Tile could just look like a round shadow on the floor. Fox tile sounds dope but its really the shadow man!! :melting_face:

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I don’t know how you would display a fox and monster on the same tile, so a shadow could be better.

Well mb some sort of critter tho. Might be cool too. Like it attracts monsters with cuteness and then messes them up. Small enough, like a bug, to share tiles with
An invisible monster no one can see that insta kills phobies on the map (jk) lol