New feature idea: Achievements (share yours!)

Achievements would be unlocked when you do something specific during a match.
They work like challenges, but since these are more specific they all reward you with coffee, around 500 each at least.

My achievements ideas are:

  • How did we get here?
    Have an unit with 3 effects or more at once (poison, disease, freezing, fire, damage debuff or being paralyzed).

  • Death is badass!
    Kill an enemy unit while you’re controlling it.

  • Home run
    Kill the opponent’s heart with a 3 tile ranged lobber.

  • Gotta go far
    Move through 4 tiles in one turn (Paddles could help)

  • Red card!
    Push an enemy unit 3 times in a turn

I would like to hear your suggestions on this feature!:smiley:


I agree, but it should be reduced to around 300. 500 coffee is too op for doing some achievments. Alongside that, i think it should be higher for more difficult quests. Maybe 1k tears and 200 coffee, and gradually increases

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Great suggestion. i suggested achievements too when i started playing the game


Here’s some achievements ideas I have:
Phobiaphobic (hard):
Unlock all phobies.

Burning hate:
Burn one phobie 5 times in one game

Well that was… disappointing (hard):
Destroy a full health 7 key or more phobie in one hit.

Rushing for a win: summon 3 or more phobies on your first turn.

No need to panic (hard):
Win without taking any damage to your heart.

Hit em where it hurts:
Win without taking panic points.