New forms for already existing phobies

So basically these phobies are part of a certain family of phobies like the ginstings speaking of that here is a ginsting form

  1. Rotten ginsting

Health : 1600 (level 1)
Attack tiles : 2
Attack type : line of sight
Attack damage : 800 +100 poison damage (level 1)
Rarity : ultra rare
Key cost : 8 keys
Phobie type : undead
Movement type : walking
Movement tiles : 2


deals 1000 damage to the phobie that you selected to be your target and deals 500 damage to any phobie that is surronding the target and they will take 300 poison damage for 3 turns
(you can hit up to 5 phobies btw)

Based on : rotten vegetables

Fears associated :

  1. Thanatophobia (fear of death)
  2. Feophobia (fear of rust)
  3. Trypophobia (fear of patterns of holes)

Story : a ginsting after dying can either go to phobie heaven of transform into this monstrosity the so called rotten ginsting likes to make livestock die or food rotten so just make sure keep your stuff away from this certain ginsting

  1. Starman rebirth

Health : 1500 (level 1)
Attack tiles : 2
Attack type : line of sight
Attack damage : 1000
Rarity : ultra rare
Key cost : 9 keys
Phobie type : dimensional
Movement type : flying
Movement tiles : 1

Ability : rebirth of a star

Resurrects 1 phobie of you’re choosing and also boost there attack and movement tiles
Cooldown : 10 turns

Based on : stellar evolution (rebirth of a star)

Story : after a long time starman’s body will collapse and die but don’t worry this otherworldly being will be reborn into a more powerful version of itself as its body decays it will bloat up and explode which we call a supernova and soon it will be reborn with the memories of its past self

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What’s the key cost? I guess it’s high because the ability is OP.

Oh yea forgot to put the key cost so the key cost is gonna be 8keys