Fun Little Phobie Suggestions

Ok so here are a few Phobie ideas that I found to be potentially neat

  • A 2 key undead balloon phobie with low health and damage with a 2 tile walk, one tile range, and a damaging aoe push ability upon death accompanied by a minor poison effect. (Undead) (Represents the fear of balloons popping)

  • 4 key and 6 key corrupted angel-like phobies that are effective against undead phobies similar to electricity against mechanical phobies. The 4 key one could essentially be like a slightly buffed thunder rocks with some sort of “purity” damage amplifier toward undeads instead of electricity. The 6 key one would be even more buffed than its predecessor, with more health, more damage, and an extra tile of range. Both phobies also have wings, allowing them to fly over obstacles. The main difference between which of these phobies to use is entirely based off of how many undead you are fighting and their strength. (Monster or Dimensional) (Represents the fear of being judged)

  • A 6 to 9 key hair based phobie with high health and medium damage with a one tile walk and two tile range. It leaves a visible medium damage trap trail of shedded hair on every tile it steps on. (Monster) (Represents the fear of shedded hair)

  • A 5 to 6 key phobie that is basically a monster hiding under a bed. It has medium-high health, low damage, two tile movement and range, and can go on top of enemy tiles similarly to blob, but has the ability to make whatever enemy phobie it lands on unable to do anything for 3 turns. This bed monster phobie has to stay on said enemy phobie’s tile for the entire 3 turns and is booted off and given a 1 turn cooldown to its ability afterwards. Also, if either is killed before the ability is up, the other is free to move. (Dimensional) (Represents the fear of something under your bed)

  • A 4 to 5 key robotic phobie with a humanoid top and drill bottom that can create holes on adjacent empty tiles. It has medium health and damage with a 2 tile movement and 1 tile range. Its ability to make holes reaches up to 2 tiles away and recharges every 3 turns. (Mechanical) (Represents fear of bottomless pits)

  • A 7 to 9 key UFO phobie with high health, medium damage, 2 tile movement, and 1 tile range. Its ability is to be able to beam up one phobie within its range, enemy or ally, and launch it up to 4 tiles away with a cooldown of 3 turns. It also has minor regeneration every turn of about 150-200 health. And with this phobie being a UFO, it can fly over obstacles. (Mechanical) (Represents the fear of alien abductions)

  • Lastly, a phobie that looks like a cross between a centipede and a punching bag costing around 6 to 7 keys. It has mediocre damage and medium-high health with a 2 tile movement and 1 tile range. If a phobie attacks this thing, it rears up and counters at about 30% damage dealt and, if the enemy phobie is right next to it, will push its foe back by one tile. (Monster—or Undead if you want to make its counters that much more impactful) (Represents both the fear of centipedes and the fear of punching bags returning a hit)

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