Broken phobie ideasđź’€

This is a ideas for some stupidly broken phobies that i can think of.

  1. Azamotane/the elder

Health : 2000 (level 1)
Attack tiles : 1
Attack type : Line of sight
Attack damage : 500 (level 1)
Rarity : Ultra rare
Key cost : 9 keys
Phobie type : dimensional
Movement type : walking
Movement tiles : 2

Ability : My will…

Transforms into any form when the time needs it and a special form.

Forms :

  1. Wrath form (adds 1000 damage but sacrifices 800 health)
  2. Hermes form (adds 2 movement tiles but sacrifices attack damage by 200 and health by 100)
  3. Golem form (gains 2500 health but sacrifices 100 attack damage and movement tiles into only 1)
  4. Magica form (gains 500 health and 200 damage + the ability to heal friendly phobies by 1000 health but sacrifices 1 movement tile)
  5. Victorious form (this form doesn’t sacrifice any thing its just op it gains 1000 health, 500 damage, attack tile by 1 and has the ability victorious king which boost friendly phobies attack damage by 600

Based on : eldritch monsters

Fear associated : fear of the unknown

Story : report 1 : a mysterious legend about this so called creature can make people die by listening to it and the ones who survived keep "hearing’ and “seeing” this creature in there daily lives which makes them insane but the information we got from them is that this creature looks like a humanoid owl with many eyes to many to count all over its body and it wears a 20th century hat which probably came from the 1920s and a magician costume. But we still don’t know where this creature came from so its up for speculation.
The writer of this story soon died at Thursday, May 6 2009 cause of death is redacted as his body was found in a redacted redacted so we must wait for the redacted

  1. Susurro/the whisperer

Health : 3500 (level 1)
Attack tiles : 1
Attack type : Aoe
Attack damage : 700 (level 1)
Rarity : ultra rare
Key cost : 8 keys
Phobie type : dimensional
Movement type : walking
Movement tiles : 1


  1. Insanity incarnate :
    Takes control of a enemy phobie for 5 turns each and after the phobie is freed it will take 200 diesease damage for unlimited turns
    Attack tiles : 1

  2. Call of the golem : summons giant mountains which will stun selected enemy phobies by 4 turns + each end of turn it will deal 500 damage.

Based on : golems and eldritch monsters

Fears associated :
1.megalophobia (fear of giant objects)
2. Fear of being controlled

Story : case report 2 found next to the body of redacted : findings from the cave shows that this thing used to be worshipped by villagers as a God of the mountains. For now researchers gave the name to this “God” Susurro which means the whisperer in latin as reports from the villagers freed from this things control always insisted that before they were controlled they heard faint whispers before it controlled them. Some people…

Sorry there was an error with this tape recording you have no permission to view further.

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Phobie: Tree
Key Cost: 5
Health: 6000
Movement type: Walking
Movement range: 1
Passive ability 1: Lazy Tree: This phobie only has 1 action per turn instead of 2.
Passive ability 2: No Treespassing: Can’t be pushed, pulled, teleported or swapped.

It would make a phobie that works like a temporary wall, but it can’t be terrorformed.

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I can see him being a absolute beast of a tank and would stop phobies in their tracks

I mean, he has only 1 of movement and he can only do one action per turn, so he is very very slow. Your opponent can take advantage of that by starting war right away before the tree comes into battle.

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But it still couldbe useful