New phobie ideas #7: Waxxy

Unit race: Monster
Card type: Ultra-rare
Key cost: 2

Base stats:

  • Health: 1100
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack range: 2
  • Attack damage: 350

Passive ability: Lightheaded
Waxxy’s stats change when he’s standing on a lava tile, or a tile that has been set on fire. The effect wears off when moving from that tile.

  • Lob Attack range: 3
  • Attack damage: +300 (650 total)
    It also sets tile on fire when attacking

Waxxy still suffers damage when standing on a lava tile, that way he can’t spam lob attacks for long. This phobie is pretty situational but it’s an interesting mechanic to imagine

Nah allat for only 2 keys, id change that to 3-4 keys, or make it move by 1

I was thinking of making a 2 key phobie, a little op since it’s ultra-rare but maybe you’re right I should make it move by 1, maybe lower the health too.