New phobies Ideas

The Witch is a Monster Phobie and is a 8 key
with the ability to boost all phobies in her range of two tiles away.If she dies,you can select one of enemy phobies to die with her.

Asloa is a Undead Phobie that is like akira but pushes all friendly and enemy units and akira and asloa will be friends if both of them are summoned
Aoe Damage:690 with 50% on other phobies around


Interesting ideas! Mind elaborating on things such as damage ranges and special ability cooldowns/stats? I quite like these concepts.

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Way too strong killing an enemy phobie for free is already bonkers, anything else is super overkill. Good to see your concepting as your first post though, welcome!

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Instead of taking an enemy phobie with her the phobie could instead have an ability to inflict on an chosen enemy phobie the same ammount of damage as the witch takes.

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I agree on that point