New phobie idea #4: Linda


Unit race: Dimentional
Card type: Rare
Key cost: 2

Stats on level 1:

  • Health: 800
  • Ground movement: 2
  • Attack Range: 1
  • Attack damage: 440
  • Passive ability: Stone cold shoulder
    “Don’t look at me!”

When Linda dies, it turns into an obstacle like Gargles, becoming immovable, undamageable and untargetable for 2 rounds. After the effect is over Linda dissapears. If the enemy phobie that killed her is in the tile right next to her, it will be damaged but not pulled (Linda turns into stone after death, THEN she pulls the enemy towards)

Linda is based on the fear of ugliness (Cacophobia), which is related to her name (Linda = pretty in spanish). This one took me a while to do cuz I had to search base statues in the right pose, now my only phobie race left to draw is an undead, Whatchu think?


it would be cool if one of your design is added to the phobias

I think you did a great job with the balancing, and it would certainly add various tactics to the game such as using Linda as a way to block off an area and do some damage.

Another cool concept : D
Although I think 440 damage is barley to much for a 2 key, especially considering it has a passive ability…