Official Phobies Community Guidelines and Rules

Welcome to our Phobies community!

We are thrilled to give you a warm welcome to this space. Our mission is to provide you with all the support and fun you would expect from a community like ours! These Community Guidelines should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others in our community. With this said, please keep the following guidelines in mind when engaging with other players esp. when contributing to our forums.

First and Foremost - be helpful and keep your discussions relevant to the topic.

Community Guidelines / Rules

1. No inappropriate posts.

This includes also making hints towards inappropriate stuff. (Anything NSFW or borderline, keep it PG-13.)

2. No useless content or spamming.

Useless content is: not putting any thought into a post or a post that has no purpose or does not add anything to the section or thread. Spamming is any low-quality post submitted repeatedly on the forums.

3. No Alternate accounts/owning more than 1 account.

You are only allowed one forum account. You are not allowed to share forum accounts or create accounts for groups. Alternate forum accounts are called “sockpuppet accounts” and will lead to punishment if created. You are responsible for your own account.
You are also not allowed to create a sockpuppet to attempt to evade a forum ban.

4. Do not hijack threads.

Purposefully creating a new, unrelated topic within someone else’s thread.

5. No airing dirty laundry.

If you don’t like someone or think they’re doing something wrong, don’t spread it everywhere, take it to a private message or contact a Moderator about the issue.

6. Do not Like bomb or ask for likes.

Asking for likes in any way is not allowed. (Liking a person’s content with the intent of getting their like count up, liking a large amount of posts in a thread)

7. Do not post referral, scam, or malicious links.

Referral links are websites that advertise things such as free steam money, often in exchange for reposting the link. These are almost always scams and can be dangerous.

8. Do not spur on Flame Wars.

If you see a flame war (people arguing and the argument getting out of hand), hit the report button. Do not add more fuel to the fire. Flame wars are posts that do nothing but create controversy and mass-arguing with no resolutions.

9. Do not harass, insult, or be passive aggressive to other people.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to, racism, sexism or sexual harassment, belittling people, ignoring requests to stop annoying them, making fun of mental illness and other psychological issues that one may have. Examples of being passive aggressive are posting “who cares”, or excessively making fun of someone.

10. Toxicity

Avoid angry or aggressive tones in your posts. Do not post in “all caps”. We respect your opinion and encourage healthy discussions, but we also do not tolerate discussions that could potentially escalate to toxic debates. If a discussion thread becomes toxic or personal, we will close or delete the thread, depending on the severity of the discussion. Warnings will also be sent to the people that started the toxic discussion. Community members who violate this rule repeatedly will be given a sanction.

11. Advertising.

Streams, and videos are fine anywhere. Discord invites are only allowed in PMs if requested by the receiving party. IPs of servers and referral links are not. If you are unsure, ask a Moderator before posting.

12. Introduction and Goodbye posts.

Only new members may create introduction posts, not returning members. Goodbye posts are allowed on either your profile, or in the Introduce Yourself forum section. You are only allowed to make one goodbye post unless a mod approves you making another. You may add a giveaway to a goodbye post if you want to.

13. Do not necropost.

Posting on a thread that has been untouched for more than around 30 days or has no discussion is called a necropost and is not allowed unless your post starts a new discussion. The poster of a thread can request for an unlock by sending a private message to a moderator or reporting the thread with the message “please unlock”.

But the most important rule of them all is to have fun in Phobies! Enjoy the game!