On the topic of Skins

So ive seen a few people talking about implementing skins into the game, but im gonna be honest here and say its probably never gonna happen. They are just way too many phobies in the game to keep it fair and the amount of effort to make new idle, attack, hit,skill and movement animations is insane. The only thing i could see happening is they give every phobie some low-effort cosmetic like a hat or something which they just replicate, and lets not forget the elephant in the room alt phobies. Its kinda impractical to consider skin color changes when alt phobies exist most people would see em as lazy lame garbage anyway. Why get a red ginsting skin when heimatic ginsting exists?


Would be interesting another visual for panic damage in the heart. We have the lances, could be Flames, tentacles, arrows, lasers, etc.


Exactly what i was thinking, other visuals could be implemented like what you said or maybe borders or something ive been wanting for a while emotes much less effort and they would maybe make them for only the popular phobies. Adds a well deserved extra layer of interaction besides BM’ing people.

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Oh, im spending time Reading the forum cause my neurons needed a break after being BM for almost 2 minutes haha

When Jar cannon lands an attack that is buffed by stim pads/other attack buffs, smoke rises from his jar and the skull chuckles.

When Klepto eliminates a 7-9 Key, a pile of gold appears behind him and he lays on it with sunglasses.

When Snowball captures a second panic point, he howls and fire streams from his mouth.

When Moffat is the cause of a phobie with 1500 HP or more falling in the abyss, she does a fortnite dance.

When Stabby is eliminated, he turns into a small vodoo doll that stays on that tile for the rest of the game (it doesn’t do anything).

Just some emote ideas. Each of these would last for 5 secs or less (except for stabby), and you can make moves while the emote is being used (so that arena isn’t screwed up).