Skins coming to Phobies?

I don’t know if this topic has been talked about before, mainly because I’ve just jumped head-first to writting this, but I’ll try my best at bringing something new to the table!
So, could it be possible to see skins in-game in future updates? If so, how would they be acquired? Given tears and coffee are used mainly for opening packs but they can also be used for buying portraits, those two currencies were what I first thought about, but, what if skins could be acquired by other means, too? I’ll leave that up for your creative minds to polish but I was thinking about a new currency that could be handled in much smaller numbers (since Xp and coffee surpass the thousand before atleast I see them as useful), it could be acquired through a new set of very hard/ long quest that may or may not be refreshed weekly.
Now, that’s how you get them, but how to use them? A new software would be needed, indeed, somewhere you can get to for trying out those fancy looking Phobies in a match. About that, the typical hanger symbol came to my mind, placed just above the rarity of each Phobie, where I thougth it would always have enough space to be displayed (obviously attached to however the creative team would like to present it) since it’s a pretty much automatized reaction. I mean, atleast the first thing I think about after seeing a coat hanger is… Well, clothing!

Anyway, that was my take on skins coming to Phobies. What do you all think? Would it be possible? Would it be balanced? I think so, given the fact you can see the Phobie’s cards in-game, there’s no way to not to recognize a Phobie. See you with some wilder ideas in the future, that was all I had to share for today!

no, I think skin will ruin the art of each phobies

The problem is that the game has over 100 phobies, and adding skins onto all of that just makes the game even more confusing. You legit see a new phobie every day.

I could see heart skins working though, since everyone knows the heart is the heart.

I do think heart skins could be very fun to see and have a wide potential, like a stone heart that starts shattering and crumbling as it’s damaged, and that is just a bit of everything it could be! I also don’t feel like quantity would be a reason for Phobies skins not to be a thing, and I mean this since there’s a very big example of quantity not being a problem for creating way more than two skins for a character, and I’m talking about LoL right there. Altough an overwhelmingly complex interface is indeed a problem, that could be fixed by hiding the skin option from new players until they get the hang of what they should be focusing to learn about at the moment, and allowing other players to unsee skins in their matchs so everyone wins that way. Anyway, it’s not as if every Phobie should instantly get a skin, but having the more relevant and/ or charismatic Phobies to have one would be a dream, atleast for me.

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