Phobie idea: the builder

We dont know much about him since hes more on the shy side, but he always brags about building
Hp: 1800
Atk: 390
atk range: 1
atk type: single target
Movement: 2, walking
race: dimensional
rarity: rare
keys: 6
special: building across. He builds a bridge making abysses and buildings walkable on, and it makes tiles like lava not damage you, including tiles like healing spas and stim pads. There are 2 podiums that make up the bridge that have 2500 hp which can be walked over and attacked on and they share the the amount of the attack on both podiums. If the bridge is destroyed while a phobie is on it the phobie dies in the abyss and on the building, but if it lands on a different tile it will give you the thing it will do at the end of the turn(like if you land on lava, it will damage you at the end of the turn like normal). You pick one spot for one podium and another spot for another podium (similar to heartbreaker) to make the bridge.
Range: 3
Cooldown: 2


Awesome idea!!!

The drawing is just awesome

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Thank you, i tried to make it look like a plank of wood and not a grocery bag lol

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Good job. I hope phobies team will take the idea and make it happen!

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Great idea, but maybe a little confused also, because how can you attack it if you can land in, maybe just flying phobies can attack them, because if you observe, fliying phobiea can’t attack obstacles maked by grave digger, but they can land in there, so the problem is, how can you attack it if you can land in (maybe is a stupid question but it’s okay), is a good idea tho

basically: BOB THE BUILDER

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Okay, ima be more clear, you can attack it like a normal obstacle, one phobie cant attack it when its on it, but other phobies can, but your enemy will hit your phobie even if its on a podium, hope this helped

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Now i understand the system, thx for the explanation

Maybe its a little bit bad, but can i ask you something, can you help me get the attention of the developpers to put my idea in the game, i just want you to check my idea and you say if it is good or not, you can coment it if you like but only if you like, the post is called " the proposal for a new phobie "

Idk how im gonna do that, but ok

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Thx bro, you help me so much