Got any ARTISTS out there?

I adore making new phobies. I also love making stats for them and balancing them and, not to toot my own horn but, I feel like I’m pretty decent at it.
However, I despise the designing. I’ve just never enjoyed doing art, and it’s really not my thing.

Is there anyone out there who could design for me?

I make stats for phobies and you design them, or you design a phobie and I make stats and balance it. We make phobies together. Anybody up for it? :sweat_smile:

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I think im good at stat balancing myself but i just want to show off my work so i’ll show some projects i made
Hopefully you can see all of the stats and whatnot

This one, the oldest one i made, is “The Builder” and his ability is to create two podiums making a bridge allowing phobies to walk over pits and buildings, and special tiles wont affect the phobie, the podiums share the same amount of hp including when attacking one podium (you can walk over the podiums) and if the bridge is destroyed a phobie that was above a pit or building will die

“Gertrude” dont ask about the name, anyway her ability is when killing a phobie with her she gains 80% of the phobies max hp and will eat the phobie (kinda like how grimes has a different animation when killing a phobie with him) she can not go over her maximum amount of hp

“Dr. Electron” First of all, he has electrical dmg, which the blue extra 300 dmg is indicating, and his ability is that he changes phases of positive and negative charges during turns (he will glow red when positive, and blue when negative, which the glowing electrons are indicating) when his phase is positive, he can pull a phobie, but when his phase is negative he can push a phobie (the phases work like werewolf)

“Leech” is the newest one i made, and “its” ability is to throw a tick at a phobie that works like poison, but when the phobie takes dmg, the dmg received is turned into hp for Leech

Hopefully you like how my art looks

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I’d love to draw your phobie ideas, I have a few phobie of my own that I designed if you wanna see them

You bet I do

Also, if you’re looking for phobies I designed, they’re scatter throughout the forum :sweat_smile:

I am an artist. I can draw very well and I have a very weird imagination. I like drawing creatures. It’s my specialty. You can ask me anytime.

This is a really rough sketch (I promise I draw very well), might give you a great drawing soon, but my idea for this one, Doug, is to create or patch up holes.

Here’s my original stats but you can tweak on it as you see fit.
Doug – A digger truck
Keys: 4
Health: 1000
Attack: 400
Move: 2 blocks
Range: 1 block
Ability: Hole in one: Creates or fills a hole in the map. Only your phobies can cross the filled hole. An enemy crossing over the filled hole will fall to its death and break the filling. Cooldown: 2 turns.

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