Phobie idea: tiki-trio

This is just a quick sketch I will eventually make a better drawing

Rarity: ultra rare
Keys: 9
Race: dimensional
Health: 1500
Movement: 1 walking
Attack: line of sight 2
750 damage
+250 electric
+300 poison
+150 fire

Passive ability: split up
When health reaches 0 turns into three different phobies
They all get 500 health and 250 damage

Top tiki: gains
Flying 3
Deals the electric damage

Middle: gains
Burrow 3
Deals the fire damage

Bottom tiki: gains
Walk 3
Gains the poison damage
Edit: forget to add but they all can be on the same space.

(How to counter: when pushed or pulled into the abyss and dies they only gain the top tiki instead of all)

Each upgrade it gains: +6 health, +6 damage
+6 electric,fire,poison


Man this guy should be like 11 keys super ultra rare! That is quite a power phobie. Would love to get my hands on it :smiling_imp:

I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think this game needs a Boss 2 that spawns presumably Dimensional adds on death.

What happens if you are already at your Phobie limit on the map?
Where do the 3 Phobies appear. e.g. What if you are surrounded or on the edge.

I think this could work if it was a 3 tier Phobie that changed it’s behaviour as it lost health.
It starts as a flying unit with lightning for the first third, then becomes a walker with poison, and the last third it burrows with fire.
However it might make more sense in the order, Walker (because it is biggest), burrow, then flying to finish.

I don’t think it also needs resurrect!

Ok honestly I like your idea better then mine

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