Release Notes 1.5

Trick or Treat! It’s your Phobies favorite time of year and creepy surprises await you in update 1.5. Grab your ticket and come visit the Carnival of Fears :



  • 8 new Phobies have stepped out of the shadows and into your nightmares! Hunt for these macabre monstrosities in Tear Packs:
    • Bad Omen is the bringer of unwanted fortune to your foes. This 2-key unit has the ability to lower the threat of an enemy Phobie with its debuff special ability.
      a. For a limited time, Bad Omen will exclusively be available in the Month of Bad Luck special offer.
      b. Players will be able to acquire this new Phobie in card packs once the offer expires.
    • Edgar Allen knows that there is strength in numbers and is happy to increase that strength with the ability to buff all allies anywhere on the map.
    • Tag me in! Pair Blue Speedola with its partner and watch its movement range and attack power grow.
    • Make the hot tag to Red Speedola to boost the movement range and attack power of its partner.
    • Daisy is one unit that refuses to stay extinct! This 4-key unit will resurrect with 200 HP.
    • With 1000 HP, Numbskull is the toughest 1-key Phobie around! It can take punishment but also deliver it with its AoE-style attack.
    • Zomboni can sacrifice its own HP to heal an ally and leech enemy health to stay in the fight.
    • Werewolf strikes with doubled attack damage and tripled HP at the turning of the moon - let the transformation begin!


  • Customize your profile with 9 new Avatars, available in Vendy’s store:
    • There’s been a Sasquatch sighting.
    • Beware of Bad Omen.
    • Edgar Allen is gently rapping at your chamber door.
    • Daisy is no delicate flower.
    • Numbskull takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
    • Cast a spell with Zomboni.
    • Werewolf sees a bad moon rising.
    • Fulfill your wish with Jammy Fish.
    • Sir Probes-a-Lot has arrived in your galaxy.
  • For a limited time, 2 new Avatars can be found in Jacks:
    • Jill and Ted are celebrating their eerie anniversary - collect them if you can!


  • 30 new Challenges are now available to test your skill! Solve these mind-bending puzzles for valuable rewards.
  • The new Challenge group includes community contest winners from:
    • Aliengineer
    • cha
    • crusito_21
    • Nite
    • PlayrHimself
    • theandykat
  • Thank you to our Phobies community for your amazing entries!

Game Presentation

  • Just in time for Halloween, Vendy’s sporting a festive new disguise.
  • Frightful new home screen additions will get you in the seasonal spirit.
  • Jacks have ghoulish new costumes of their own and two potential Avatar rewards.


  • A maintenance notification will now appear on the home screen with a countdown clock when scheduled maintenance is approaching within the next hour.
  • Players will no longer be able to start Arena matches within 30 minutes of a scheduled maintenance window.


  • Step right up and introduce yourself to our new map location, the Creepy Carnival!
  • Plot new strategies as you do battle on 10 new maps.
  • Face your foes on maps from our community contest winners:
    • elfocas
    • AlphaZero
    • cha
    • OmPong
    • AdriPhobia
  • Thank you to our Phobies community for your magnificent maps!


  • New Item indicators have been added to highlight recently-added items to players.

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue in which the game could softlock if the Avatar menu was accessed from the Stress Level menu with specific timing.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Quest re-roll confirmation pop-up text to appear in the incorrect language for users set to Italian.


  • Fixed assorted game crash causes.
  • Fixed assorted Arena mode desyncs.
  • Introduced improvements to help server stability.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause a subscription to become linked to an account which had been deleted, preventing the same player from using a subscription on a new account.

Be sure to safely enjoy this spine-tingling season alongside your Phobies, and enjoy the tricks and treats we have in store for you!

Happy battling,

The Phobies Team