Release Notes 1.10

Tune up and get ready for the Phobie-wrangling event of the summer, Rockin’ Horrors!

Our newest release will have you battling to the beat and mastering new abilities to amplify your strategies. Here’s a look at the lineup for this fearsome festival:



  • 8 new Phobies hit the stage:
    • Skinwalker hides an unstoppable alternate form when you unleash its immortal fury!
      • Skinwalker will be available exclusively through a special offer until July 24th. Players can obtain this new monster in card packs after that date.
    • Benny is a weird and wonderful addition to the band - a new key of 3 ranged attacker with resurrect!
    • Good luck stayin’ alive against Tri-Volta, with its electrical damage and ability to remove an action from all surrounding dancers!
    • Drum roll, please - Whiskers detects traps and absorbs any that are present on the tile it stands upon!
    • Ride high with Sabian and watch it slice and dice the opposition with AOE damage!
    • Ace wants to rock and roll all night and clobber every day, with its hard hitting electrical fists!
    • Omega brings chaos to the battlefield with a ranged attack buff that affects all friends and foes!
    • Ash can pull friendly Phobies out of harm’s way or into position for a well-timed attack!


  • 4 new portraits have been added to the game:
    • For the first time, portraits can be earned as awards in our upcoming event!
    • Glam Rock Vendy , Omega, and Ace are up for grabs as event rewards.
    • Skinwalker can be purchased in Vendy’s shop.


  • 5 new maps will enter the rotation:
    • Watch your step on Another One Bites the Dust, a large map featuring plenty of pits to avoid.
    • Chapeltown is a large map, with plenty of Tainted Ground. Gather those Mechanical Phobies!
    • Muso Meia features Diseased Ground on a large map.
    • Toys in the Attic is a small map, focusing on Conveyors and Tainted Ground.
    • Conveyors also feature on Dark Sarcasm, a small map.

Home Screen

  • Testing, 1-2-3: Vendy is ready to rock with a special look to celebrate the new release!

Event: Heavy Metal

  • Enjoy an all-new 4-week event centered around your favorite Mechanical Phobies.
  • For the first time, users in the normal and VIP track will have the opportunity to earn new, exclusive portraits as rewards!
  • Look for the event to launch on June 27th.

Balancing Updates

  • In our continued commitment to create fair and interesting matches across the entire Phobies roster, we’ve made some balance changes to some of the existing Phobies.
    • Attractor
      • Increased ability cooldown from 1 to 2.
    • Bad Sushi
      • Removed ability cooldown.
    • Blondie
      • Increased health from 2,500 to 2,800.
    • Blue
      • Increased damage debuff from 300 to 325.
    • Bluelien
      • Decreased health from 1,800 to 1,600.
    • Brutewurst
      • Increased disease effect from 350 to 400.
    • The Collector
      • Increased movement from 1 to 2.
    • CottonTale
      • Increased pack attack bonus from 125 to 150.
      • Increased health from 500 to 600.
    • Fantome
      • Decreased ability range from 3 to 2.
    • Fleshcrawler
      • Increased health from 2,000 to 2,300.
      • Increased damage from 450 to 500.
    • Flopsy
      • Increased pack attack bonus from 125 to 150.
      • Increased health from 500 to 600.
    • Hoovey
      • Increased attack from 500 to 600.
    • Jackalope King
      • Increased pack attack bonus from 125 to 200.
      • Increased health from 800 to 1,000.
    • Mike Roscopic
      • Increased health from 900 to 950.
    • Minotaur
      • Increased health from 1,400 to 1,500.
    • Mopsy
      • Increased pack attack bonus from 125 to 150.
      • Increased health from 500 to 600.
    • Ogre
      • Increased health from 1,700 to 2,000.
    • Russell
      • Increased health from 1,600 to 1,700.
      • Increased damage from 500 to 600.
    • Tiny Tim
      • Increased damage from 500 to 525.
    • Zappy
      • Increased electricity effect from 300 to 350.



  • Performed an overall mix pass of in-game sound effects to better balance volume against one another.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the damage modifier text on Ogre’s card to break during an upgrade.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could be caused by moving Glob onto an enemy Glob that was occupying a panic point.


  • Fixed some potential causes of game crashes and desyncs.

When this epic show is over, what will we do for an encore?

Happy battling,

The Phobies Team