Phobies that are surprisingly Tripedal

So I’m curious if anyone can disprove my theory about a few phobies. Razormouth and Heavo only have three legs. I have noticed that the animation only shows 3 legs at any time on these two. There are a few others that you could also make this argument for i.e Sheeping gas and slammer head, however I feel these ones look for sure like they have a 4th one you can never see. Might also be true for Razormouth and Heavo, but ya just cant see it :wink: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well yeah, it’s just because the perspective, the angle you’re looking at it.

So you do think Heavo has 4 legs?

Yep. Because according to the leg positions, the legs are at the corners and if it had three legs, one corner would be empty, making it unbalanced. And you know, unbalanced things fall.

Things can balance on three legs, I’m not Sure with Heavo if there’s anything there to say he would be unbalanced with three legs

No, I’m saying that the third leg is at the corner and one corner is empty, and there is no support at that corner. Think about a chair with one leg missing.