Direction of knock back?

Is there any way of knowing which tile your Phobie will get knocked into if there is NOT the default straight line available?

Playing against Heavo 2.0 is incredibly difficult on maps with holes. It’s more difficult when he knocks you back at an angle, where the default straight line leads to two different tiles, and of course your phobie goes in the hole tile instead of the other perfectly acceptable ground tile next to it.

just dont stand next to hole

Since Heavo 2.0 pushes back the target and the phobies next to it, the mechanics are a bit complicated.

Iirc the rule in situations like that is that the pushed (or pulled) phobie is moved in the direction of its owner’s heart. While that’s still not enitrely unambiguous, I found it helps sometimes.

wow I didn’t know that, I thought it was random left or right if there are obstacle behind