New phobie(Thalassophobia)

Could this please be added🥺
This would be a dimensional phobie.

How does this work? If you buy it you get 2 units on board where does the second part of the unit get spawned? Does it take up 2 board slots?
Also whats the cooldown and lock on heads typhoon ability?

Uuh maybe like 2 turns and the head should come out first and after u move it out of the way the tail spawns on the phobie spawn point maybe like this? And yeah it would take up to slots also cooldown on typhoon maybe 2 turns?

I have many questions about this, is the tail next to the head all the time or does it just move to the place that the head was when the head is moving, and how does the whole moving thing work does the tail have a limit to how far it moves if theyre connected, does the tail even follow the head when the head moves? And what about when one part of it dies, does the other part die aswell, or can it just live without it somehow?

Well in my mind they would work as fully seperate units altho the head could survive without the tail but not other way around, so the head would be like the main unit.

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Love the idea, but to have it work more conventionally, I’d make it a 2500 hp, 2 movement burrowing phobie, with a 2 range line of sight attack doing 520 damage + 300 electric damage, with the ability Extend. Extend would have the tail piece stay still, while the head piece moves 3-4 spaces out to get some distance, it would have a 1 turn cooldown and the pieces would meet up again the next time Sea Serpent moves.

Good to hear you like it and well honestly i thought more of it being a distance thing all together like the tail can only move 3 tiles away max but inthe way i put it it also could be intresting to see total independance of the two parts to really make some plays