Players quitting phobies

Is it just me or looking back at my old matches and searching up the usernames of the people I’ve battled, majority of them have quit months ago and are long gone some have recently stopped playing here’s my examples I’m beaniebobam and those pinned matches are the examples


I think it because his game is too boring eg.
-If you are F2P you need to played atleast 1 week for 300 coffees pack or 1 month for 2,000 coffees pack and even that you still has a low chance to get a UltraRare phobie (except 1st and 2nd pack)
-An event that consume your time so much and give you only 300 coffees and little of upgrade items that not enough for upgrade and get new phobie at all
-A League that consume your playing time for month and get you only 1 new phobie (For me I get 1 golden pack from Sum of all Fear 1 and get only 1 uncommon)
-A very low chance to get ultra rare from dreadful pack (For me i spend around 200 $ include sale packs, open around 10 dreadfuls and get only 2 UR from guaranteed )


Rewards and quests are very boring.
Lack of achievements is very boring.
Ranked progression is very boring.
Lack of proper alternative/event/custom modes and tournaments is very boring.
The fact that 2000 coffee packs require so much effort to get and don’t even guarantee an UR is very boring.
Phobie level progression is one of the slowest I’ve seen in a game and it’s very boring.
Lack of guilds and guild-related stuff is very boring.

The game is just not good at keeping players hooked for more than a week where they destroy bots and get rewards from puzzles.
I decided I want to keep playing 4 async games at once because the gameplay is fun and pretty well-balanced and that’s it. I don’t even get weekly and monthly rewards though.

We need more stuff to do!


Well, the game is fun but the progress and pack statistics need a huge buff. I mean, after all that effort to get packs, all we get is some upgrade cards. I don’t need any more upgrade cards when I have so many upgrades to deal with. We really need guaranteed phobies. And to get a guaranteed phobie, you need at least a horrific pack, which is clearly not worth for 800 coffee.


If you know that you are going to get a phobie guaranteed that it takes away form the exciting factor of packs and just makes the game more boring which was the original problem


Not every pack should give %100 new phobie, but still more. For example, a Horrific Pack could give two phobies instead of one. Yes, if all packs gave phobies all the time it would be boring but at least we should get higher chances.


But when you open around 8 dreadfuls and didn’t get any UltraRare like me, you will not exciting anymore lol


I think the exciting thing about this game is finding ways to win at the end, not getting an ultra in a package that might get it.


It’s a fun game, but it’s important to keep getting new units to unlock new strategies and options for counterplay. The fact is that URs are new paths to victory in themselves, and even the mediocre ones deform the game around their position on the board.

I didn’t mind them not handing out units like candy, players need to have varied sets to keep matches fresh, instead of the same handful of meta units on repeat. I’m also not going to pretend that enjoying the gameplay isn’t linked directly with opening packs, and this game can feel very unrewarding if the rng goes against you.


Yo tambien llevo abriendo varios dreadful packs sin suerte de obtener un ultra raro pero he podido ganar sin ellos aunque mis rivales tienen varios ultra raros , pero si deberian de aumentar las probabilidades de obtener mas fobias y las recompensas diarias


Creo que un pase de batalla haria estallar a phobies en la play store durante mucho tiempo

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