Trading Cards

I’ve played this game for a while and even thought it to my friend. But my friend is extremely (I would even consider it paranormally) lucky, and got very OP cards. And I want some of those cards. So I would suggest to add a way to trade cards. You give your card and they give theirs.
For example, I have Barzilla but instead I want Pasgetti, and he has Pasgetti and wants Barzilla. So he gives Pasgetti and I give Barzilla.

Then you would just create multiple accounts and trade the worse phobies away for all of the more powerful ones and then play on the powerful account where you would only get cards for the best phobies from dailies?
Doesn’t seem like a good idea IMO.

Yeah, I also thought of that. Maybe some sort of account verification system which tracks if it’s the same player with two accounts.