Please be more generous!

168 games / rank doomsday / 423 in the world for just 1 new card…
please you have to give more to people who play a lot and invest themselves or the game is going to be boring,
it’s just a suggestion…
if you are agree with me like and repost thank you all !


I got Alastor so i’m more than well served!

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Quisiera que la recompensa de lágrimas fuera fija de 1500 ya que es un poco injusto que no puedas abrir tu sobre de 3000 lágrimas

Hey there.
We understand that our players dedicate a lot of time climbing the ranks, playing matches, and enjoying Phobies! I got upgrades for a Phobie that I really enjoy, so I’m happy.

In regards to the suggestion, we will definitely share it with our team for consideration. We understand that our users may not be happy with certain aspects, but the team has dedicated a lot of time trying to find balance and is always receptive to feedback and suggestions.

I stopped playing the game for 2 weeks because we only evolve every month
it’s much too long and even having paid more than 100 euros in the game
I only won 2 new cards…

Yeah I agree, this game punishes people who want to play this game for longer and still collect phobies at a somewhat consistent rate. I think it would be fine if either we got more chances to pull cards, or if the way cards are pulled wasnt based so heavily on your current phobie library.

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