Points not accumulating

Over the last week all of the games that i play have not accumulated the teardrop points. They do go up when i complete a game but but after each turn

Hey there Tigress. Did you hit your daily cap for them?

It gives me a message in the bottom corner that ive earned the points but its not adding to the total.
It still tells me ive reached my max after many games but my point havent gone up. I only get the points showing when i win a game

If it says that you’ve accumulated the amount then you should receive that amount ( or whatever you have accumulated ) at the end of the match when the payout happens. :slight_smile:

But it is not adding on to the total at the top of the screen

Are you able to post any screenshots if possible so we can see what it is you may be? :slight_smile:

I started with 515 played 2 games and its still 515

This is after doing 13 turns and completing 1 game
It gave me the 300 for the one game but not for any of the other turns i took with the other games.
Its been like this the past few days that ive noticed

The accumulated points will be paid out at the end. You will receive a maximum cap of 300 after the end of the match.

This is intended and has been how it’s always been. :slight_smile: